Q: What are the benifits of building a new home?

There are pros and cons to both buying existing homes and building new homes. Since we are in the business of building new homes we will share with you the benefits of a new house. First of all everything is new. Your furnace, appliances, plumbing, concrete, air conditioning system, doors, water heater, and cabinets are new and unscratched and under warranty which means you should be stress free for some time. Also, new homes are much more energy efficient. From insulation practices to high efficient appliances, there is no doubt you will save on your monthly bills. Hanson Homes are built unique and original to fit your style and personality.

Q: How do I get the lot I want?

Generally if you are driving around and see a lot that fits your needs just let us know and we can contact the developer. We have listed several developments on our lots page.

Q: How does construction financing work?

You will have to go to the bank and get pre-approved for a construction loan. The bank will barrow you money to pay as needed. Hanson Brothers will also offer financing with certain situations. For more information about this subject click here. For information about what you can afford click here.

Q: What are specials and how does the repayment plan work?

"Specials" is the money it takes for the city to build the infrastructure of a lot (the water, street, etc). The city will basically mortgage what is owed over a long period of time. The land owner is responsible to make one payment a year which usually comes from an escrow account. More info click here.

Q: I'm not looking to build an expensive home. Can I afford to build with Hanson Brothers?

Absolutely. We are in the business of building high quality homes. Hanson Brothers uses quality products such as fiberglass windows, custom cabinets, and high-end cooling & heating systems. These products not only will be more reliable over time, they will increase the value of your home. Your investment is important to us. With the quality offered in a Hanson Brothers home, you will find we are financially competitive.

Q: Does Hanson Brothers build at the Lakes?

We will travel up to 50 minutes from the Fargo-Moorhead area. We've built many lake homes and we are a licensed Minnesota contractor.

Q: What is Hanson Brother's price per Square foot?

We advise people to be careful about this number. Every house is different and everyone has their personal budget priorities. We have a great reputation of not misleading people with low bids. Talk to one of our experienced sales staff and refer to our testimonial page and learn what our previous clients say about Hanson Brothers.

Q: Does Hanson Brothers work with Interior Designers?

We have excellent outside assistance that work with us or we can work with the buyer's choice. A good reminder is that we are contractors. We offer a practical opinion during the design process. We want your house to look great after it is built, not just on paper.

Q: How well do Hanson Brother homes re-sell?

Hanson Homes resell easily with great market value. We have found that people wanting to sell our homes have little to no issues. Hanson Homes have proven to be great investments. We do not flood the market with our homes. Our focus is on building you a home that will stand the test of time.

Q: Has Hanson Brothers "Gone Green"?

There is no doubt that environmental conservatism is very important to us. Helping the environment is a great thing but being energy efficient also saves money. We have attended classes and are certified Green Builders. Hanson Brothers Homes include efficient windows, doors, garage doors, heating systems, toilets, water heaters, insulation practices, and electrical systems just to name a few. After all, we live in this frozen land called North Dakota and Minnesota. Warmth and saving money is very important.

Q: How long will it take to build my home?

Construction can range three to six months. Your investment is important to us. It is our belief to never rush a project. Quality comes first.

Why Hanson Brothers
  • Custom cabinets by Wood Specialists. You pick color, door style, and hardware
  • Custom countertops by Designer Tops.  You pick style and color
  • Finish coat of wall paint is done prior to move in (not just sprayed white at drywall time and left to get dirty during construction)
  • You choose wall colors!  (not just white on white)
  •  High efficiency gas furnace standard

Hanson Bros. Construction built us a perfect townhouse - just what we were looking for! They were great to work with and were very open to customizing features we wanted in our new home. read more

  - Glen & Colleen Harris

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