Darren & Karina Hodny

There were absolutely no surprises when building our home and everything was done to the highest standard.

Jeff and Vicki Hoss

The best description that I can give would be that our house was not built by carpenters...it was built by craftsmen!

Chuck and Terry Reistad

Every time we walk into our home we still feel the quality workmanship and products that were put into it.

Randy and Deb Schneibel

They build a quality home, have expert craftsmen, and are very easy to work with....read more.

Richard Kadry

Our last three homes have been built by Hanson Brothers Construction Company. I appreciate the honesty and the sincerity of Hanson Brothers.

John and Sherri McGurran

Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is exceptional.

Tim and Lynn Pflugrath

We had many of our own ideas and the response was always "no problem we can do that".

Candy Wixel

We know we have a quality built home. Hanson Bros. and the subcontractors they use are top notch!

Don Weixel

To say it was an enjoyable experience is an understatement. From the framing crew to the finish crew, all were very professional.

Alan and Barb Breske

Their quality of craftsmanship would be as if they were building their own home.

Steve and Diane Hulbert

They successfully bridged the gap between what we wanted and what was possible and practical.

Jim and Julie Frisk

Thanks for a creative work of art, well done.

Phil Sondreal

Vern was committed not only to the details we wanted in our home, but also to the ongoing communication necessary during the process of building.

Thor and Dana Iverson

"You will never own another home as well built as this one."

Kevin and Stephanie Dockter

We felt very assured through every step of the process.

Kent and Melissa Rademacher

We value their high quality standards and ethical business practices.

Doug and Rebekah Schmitz

They worked hard at trying to make our home the way we wanted it...read more

Chris & Dawn Stollenwerk

We would feel comfortable recommending their services to anyone.

Jerry & Pat Sheldon

We also need to make a good decision when choosing a home builder - Why Hanson Bros.? simply honesty, detail and solid reputation.

Scott & Nancy Erickson

They were so easy to work with, they understood our visions and were able to implement all of our requests.

Glen & Colleen Harris

Hanson Bros. Construction built us a perfect townhouse - just what we were looking for! They were great to work with and were very open to customizing features we wanted in our new home.
Why Hanson Brothers
  • Custom cabinets by Wood Specialists. You pick color, door style, and hardware
  • Custom countertops by Designer Tops.  You pick style and color
  • Finish coat of wall paint is done prior to move in (not just sprayed white at drywall time and left to get dirty during construction)
  • You choose wall colors!  (not just white on white)
  •  High efficiency gas furnace standard

The best description that I can give would be that our house was not built by carpenters...it was built by craftsmen! read more

  - Jeff and Vicki Hoss

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