Candy Wixel


Hanson Bros. built our home in Riverwood North Fargo, we moved in July 2001.  Building our house was not as hard or stressful as I thought it would be.  Vern helped us get started on a design, he showed us different floor plans that we liked and then designed it with our ideas.  We wanted a smaller home with an open, spacious feel and that is exactly what we achieved.  Mike Hanson and his carpenters were a joy to work with.  We know we have a quality built home.  Hanson Bros. and the subcontractors they use are top notch!  It actually was a fun experience to go through the whole process from start to finish.  Vern would tell us what we would be doing next so we could make our selections, from what kind of plumbing fixtures, to the final step of flooring and paint colors.  We absolutely love the home Hanson Bros. built for us!

-  Candy Wixel


Why Hanson Brothers
  • Mike Hanson, is a 4th generation builder/owner in the family business.  He brings new ideas to meet the needs & dreams of the new and younger generation of home builders
  • Bob, (our real live "Bob the Builder") has been with Hanson Bros. 30+ years.  A lifetime of knowledge and ability for building houses
  • Vern Hanson, 3rd generation builder/owner of the family business has been with Hanson Bros. for 40 years
  • Gerald Hanson, 3rd generation owner/accountant of the family business has been with Hanson Bros. for 24 years.
  • We are not salesmen, we are construction workers and contractors. We actually know how to build your house.

We would feel comfortable recommending their services to anyone. read more

  - Chris & Dawn Stollenwerk

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