Chuck and Terry Reistad


Having never built a home before, we were very interested in finding a quality builder whom we could trust.  I'm happy to say we found that.  We got an accurate, all inclusive quote, the work proceeded as scheduled, quality products and subcontractors were used, and everything came together without a hitch.  Every time we walk into our home we still feel the quality workmanship and products that were put into it.  Building a new home was a great experience for us. Thank you Hanson Bros.

- Chuck and Terry Reistad

Why Hanson Brothers
  • Custom cabinets by Wood Specialists. You pick color, door style, and hardware
  • Custom countertops by Designer Tops.  You pick style and color
  • Finish coat of wall paint is done prior to move in (not just sprayed white at drywall time and left to get dirty during construction)
  • You choose wall colors!  (not just white on white)
  •  High efficiency gas furnace standard

We also need to make a good decision when choosing a home builder - Why Hanson Bros.? simply honesty, detail and solid reputation. read more

  - Jerry & Pat Sheldon

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