Darren & Karina Hodny


When building our first home, we had heard a number of stories about how stressful the process is and how you just can't trust anyone these days.  Well, that just wasn't the case when building with Hanson Brothers.  We knew right when we met Vern and Mike Hanson that they were the builders for us.  We felt a sense of trust right from the beginning.  There were absolutely no surprises when building our home and everything was done to the highest standard.  I see no reason why we would ever leave our Hanson Brothers home, because of the high quality and functionality, but if we do, it will only be to build with Hanson Bros. again.

- Darren & Karina Hodny

Why Hanson Brothers
  • Mike Hanson, is a 4th generation builder/owner in the family business.  He brings new ideas to meet the needs & dreams of the new and younger generation of home builders
  • Bob, (our real live "Bob the Builder") has been with Hanson Bros. 30+ years.  A lifetime of knowledge and ability for building houses
  • Vern Hanson, 3rd generation builder/owner of the family business has been with Hanson Bros. for 40 years
  • Gerald Hanson, 3rd generation owner/accountant of the family business has been with Hanson Bros. for 24 years.
  • We are not salesmen, we are construction workers and contractors. We actually know how to build your house.

They build a quality home, have expert craftsmen, and are very easy to work with....read more. read more

  - Randy and Deb Schneibel

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