Ozgood-Kitchen.pngWhere to Start?

Many people contemplate if building a house is worth the hassle. We feel that it can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Hanson Brothers has come up with a 3 part process to make your building project go as smooth as possible.


1. Create a Concept 

(Get a Plan Together)

• What's your style?
- Choose Two-Story, Rambler, Split Level, or Bi-level.


• Let's make a Plan
-We want everyone who builds with us to have their own unique plan. You can start by bringing us a plan of your own or you can browse through our plan book. After ideas are shared we will have our drafts person design a new plan which hopefully is perfect for you. It's our goal to adapt in whatever ways we can to design and build your custom dream home.

• Pick a lot
- We can build on your lot. We will build in town, out of town or at the lakes. You may also choose from one of Hanson Brothers' premium lots.

• The Bid
- We feel that it is important that we not mislead potential clients with low-ball bids. We give bids that repres

ent the house a client wants.(Sufficient lighting, cabinets, fixtures, etc.) It's not the number at the beginning of the process, it's the number at the end.


2. Trust the Experts

• Once you've created your concept, it's time to let the professionals go to work.

• Our experienced team will be with you to make decisions and answer questions.

• Hanson Brothers works with the best people in the industry. Using efficient trustworthy subcontractors makes the building process go smoother.

• We employ top quality craftsmen that have years of experience.


Kitch.png3. Enjoy Your New Home

• Hanson Brothers is a brand. When it comes time to sell your Hanson Home, you can be proud to tell people it was built by Hanson Brothers.

People have been trusting Hanson Brothers to build their homes for 60 years. Building a house can be the biggest investment of your life! We know that you can trust Hanson Brothers. Don't take our word for it, check out our referrals on the testimonial page.

Why Hanson Brothers
  • Custom cabinets by Wood Specialists. You pick color, door style, and hardware
  • Custom countertops by Designer Tops.  You pick style and color
  • Finish coat of wall paint is done prior to move in (not just sprayed white at drywall time and left to get dirty during construction)
  • You choose wall colors!  (not just white on white)
  •  High efficiency gas furnace standard

Hanson Bros. Construction built us a perfect townhouse - just what we were looking for! They were great to work with and were very open to customizing features we wanted in our new home. read more

  - Glen & Colleen Harris

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